For immediate release: Emerge Colorado Alumnae Break Glass Ceilings Across the State

  • Nov 7, 2018
  • Michal Rosenoer, Emerge Colorado
  • Emerge Colorado



November 6, 2018


Michal Rosenoer



Denver, Colorado — Emerge Colorado alums delivered big wins up and down the ballot tonight, and most notably have taken back the state Senate for the Democrats in a series of closely-watched election night wins. These victories have created a Democratic majority in the state legislature unseen since 2014. Out of twenty four Emerge Colorado alums on the ballot, fifteen have declared victory with four elections still too close to call. But with those wins, Emerge Colorado alumnae broke a series of glass ceilings in historic victories across the state for women, women of color, the LGBTQ community, and millennials marking a major step forward for representation in politics.

Emerge Colorado, the state’s premier candidate training program which recruits, trains and provides a powerful network for Democratic women across Colorado. See the full list of Emerge Colorado candidates here.

“Democratic women reshaped the face of politics in Colorado tonight, and this group of fresh political leaders are just what we need to clear a path forward to a brighter future for us all,” said Michal Rosenoer, Emerge Colorado’s Executive Director. “Tonight was an historic night for women – LGBTQ women, women of color, young women – that speaks to the true diversity and energy of our electorate. These glass-ceiling-shattering wins mark the beginning of something much larger and long-lasting than a singular ‘blue wave.’ These women have redefined what representation looks like in Colorado and have cleared the path for other women in the future to run and win.”

More on Emerge Colorado’s wins:

  • 15 candidates out of 24 on the ballot won their races with 4 races still too close to call

  • Jena Griswold— Emerge Colorado alum and the first Democratic woman to ever serve as Colorado Secretary of State.

  • 11 Emerge women were elected to the state legislature, including

    • Jessie Danielson—State Senate, District 20, former Emerge Colorado Board Chair

    • Tammy Story — State Senate, District 16

    • Faith Winter—State Senate, District 24, former Emerge Colorado Executive Director

    • Shannon Bird — State House, District 35

    • Lisa Cutter — State House, District 25

    • Monica Duran — State House, District 24

    • Daneya Esgar—State House, District 46. First openly LGBTQ woman to serve Pueblo (re-elected).

    • Serena Gonzales — State House, District 4

    • Dominique Jackson—State House, District 42

    • Dafna Michaelson Jenet—State House, District 30

    • Leslie Herod—State House, District 8. First openly LGBTQ Black woman elected to the Colorado legislature (re-elected).

  • 3 alumnae were elected to county and local offices, including:

    • Shontel Lewis — RTD Board, District B. First openly LGBTQ Black woman to hold the seat.

    • Beth Melton — Routt County Commissioner. Youngest person ever to serve on the commission.

    • Emma Pinter — Adams County Commissioner. Created the first female-majority on the commission.

  • Since 2013, Emerge Colorado has trained over 300 Democratic women to run for office across the state

“We invest in women at the local and state level not only because they have the power to create policy changes that matter, but also because we need to fill the political pipeline with women that reflect the diversity and values of Coloradans everywhere” said Rosenoer. “We all win when women have a seat at the table and when our Democracy reflects the diversity of this state.”

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