For Immediate Release: Denver Election Could Be Historic for Women’s Representation

  • May 8, 2019
  • Michal Rosenoer, Executive Director of Emerge Colorado


May 7, 2019



Michal Rosenoer, Executive Director


Denver Election Could Be Historic for Women’s Representation

Denver, Colorado— If current Denver election results hold, women stand to make huge gains in representation across city government. At this moment, all potential run-off races for Denver seats look as though they will contain at least one woman, with the exception of city council district 10. That means Denver could elect its first-ever female mayor, and the city council could flip it’s gender ratio from 5:8 women to men to 8:5 after the run-offs.

Emerge is proud to have six alumnae and current class members on the Denver city ballot tonight. Those candidates are Peg Perl for city clerk, Colleen Zahradnicek for district 4, Michele Fry and Amanda Sawyer for district 5, LaMone Noles for district 8, and Candi CdeBaca for district 9. At this time it appears that Amanda Sawyer, Peg Perl, and Candi CdeBaca will be heading to run-offs.

“Based on current results, the run-off elections will present the opportunity for Denverites to elect their first-ever female mayor, a female city clerk, and a majority-female city council,” said Michal Rosenoer, Emerge Colorado’s Executive Director. “The base of the Democratic movement is women – and especially women of color – who are stepping up to organize their communities, pushing the envelope on policy, and running for office. So it’s exciting to see women winning tonight as well nearly 50% women on the ballot in the run-offs.

We’ve seen more Democratic women than ever before step up to run for office nationwide since the 2016 elections. In that vein, Democratic women candidates made amazing progress in Colorado in 2018 by flipping the state senate blue and creating the first-ever female-majority in the house. Tonight’s elections show that the trend of women in Colorado stepping up to run – and win – is nowhere near over.”

Emerge Colorado is the state’s premiere training program for Demoratic women candidates. A list of our current elected Emerge Colorado alumnae is available here.