Federal Heights just made history with Colorado’s first all-woman city council The council is the first to be without a man in nearly 150 years of statehood

As departing Federal Heights Councilman Harold Thomas said his goodbyes late last year to his colleagues on City Council, he noted that “the city is being left in really good hands.”

But what Thomas — nor anyone else at that Dec. 7 meeting — mentioned was that those hands on the council belong exclusively to women, making this mobile home park-filled working-class city just north of Denver the first municipality in Colorado’s 146-year history to seat an all-female city council.

“I think it’s a great honor,” said Mayor Linda Montoya, who said she didn’t initially realize the historic milestone her city reached after the November election. “It’s awesome — I think it’s great.”

What happened in Federal Heights, a city of nearly 13,000 residents, is not unprecedented nationally. In November, Las Cruces N.M. made headlines when it seated an all-woman council. A year earlier, the same thing occurred in Asheville, N.C.