BREAKING: Emerge Colorado Alumnae and Women Candidates Win Big on Election Night

  • Nov 4, 2020
  • Emerge Colorado


November 3, 2020 

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Emerge Colorado Alumnae and Women Candidates Win Big on Election Night

Denver, CO—Emerge Colorado alums delivered big wins up and down the ballot in the 2020 election. 24 Emerge alumnae won their races — the most in Emerge Colorado history — with three races still too close to call. Six of these victories are “firsts” for representation in Colorado, and have helped Colorado reclaim and expand its women-majority in the Colorado House of Representatives. 

“Emerge Colorado alums were a dominant force in Colorado elections this year, changing the dynamics in historically conservative districts and breaking glass ceilings across the state. No matter what happens in the Presidential election over the coming days, these women are the future of political leadership in Colorado” said Michal Rosenoer, executive director of Emerge Colorado. “Democratic women are the deciding voters across Colorado, so it’s no surprise Democratic women candidates continued a multi-year trend of picking up major seats at the local and state level this election. Colorado voters soundly rejected the cruelty of the current Republican Party, opting instead to elect authentic women who know what it’s like to struggle and have the leadership necessary to move Colorado forward, not back.”

More on Emerge Colorado wins and major takeaways for women’s representation on election day:

  • Colorado will reclaim its woman-majority in the state House and expand it to 34 – the most women ever elected.
  • Emerge will be sending five new state legislators to the capitol in 2021: Iman Jodeh, Lindsey Daugherty, Naquetta Ricks, Jen Bacon, and Tracey Bernett.
  • Emerge Colorado broke six glass ceilings on election night (see below for the full list) and continues to expand representation for women across Colorado.

Emerge Colorado election wins:

  • Eva Henry: Adams County District 1
  • Lynn Baca: Adams County District 5 – first woman of color to be elected to Adams County Commission
  • Carrie Warren-Gully: Arapahoe County District 1
  • Marta Loachamin: Boulder County District 2 – first woman of color elected to Boulder County Commission
  • Kathy Chandler-Henry: Eagle County
  • Jody Shadduck-McNally: Larimer County District 3 – first woman to be elected to the position
  • Alexis King: Judicial District 1 – first woman to be elected to the position
  • Heidi McCollum: District 5
  • Callie Rennison: CU Regent District 2
  • Meg Froelich, House District 3
  • Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez: House District 4
  • Jen Bacon: House District 7
  • Leslie Herod: House District 8
  • Tracey Bernett: House District 12
  • Monica Duran: House District 24
  • Lisa Cutter: House District 25
  • Brianna Titone: House District 27
  • Lindsey Daugherty: House District 29
  • Dafna Michaelson-Jenet: House District 30
  • Shannon Bird: House District 35
  • Naquetta Ricks: House District 40 – first Liberian American to be elected to a state legislature in the country
  • Iman Jodeh: House District 41 – first Muslim woman to be elected to the Colorado State Legislature
  • Dominique Jackson: House District 42
  • Daneya Esgar: House District 46

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