Emerge Colorado leader Michal Rosenoer potentially sets record in first run

Michal Rosenoer, the executive director of Emerge Colorado, must know what she’s doing in training Democratic women on how to win public office.

In her first bid last month, for the Edgewater City Council, Rosenoer very well could have set a record for the most votes for a council member in the tiny Jefferson County on the border of Denver and Sloans Lake.

Rosenoer got 880 votes in the growing city. The next highest vote-getter for four seats was Casey Earp with 734 votes.

Rosenoer beat four men in the race.

And a browse through recent city elections shows no one with more votes.

In fact, when Bonnie McNulty ran unopposed for mayor in 2013, she got 717 votes.

More than 1 in 4 of the 3,480 votes went to Rosenoer.

“I am deeply honored by the overwhelming support Edgewater voters showed for me on election night,” she tells Colorado Politics. “We knocked on over 2,000 doors and on every block in the city, and over and over again I heard that residents just want strong leaders who share their values. Edgewater is an extremely diverse city; I look forward to working with all our residents now to ensure we enact a bold vision for a healthy, safe and equitable community.”

The new council and mayor were sworn in Tuesday night. Rosenoer and Earp were joined by Steve Conklin and Cory Reid-Vanas.