Class of 2022

Meet the cohort of 24 trailblazers who will join our 2022 Signature Class! The lineup of powerful women includes business leaders, attorneys, community organizers, educators, policy experts, and entrepreneurs—some who have already announced their candidacies for public office.


Welcome, Class of 2022!

Asmeret Tesfay, Denver County               

Candice Bailey, Arapahoe County

Charlene Emory, Denver County

Elisabeth Epps, Denver County, candidate for State House District 6

Elizabeth Velasco, Garfield County, candidate for State House District 57

Felicia Malone-Flowers, Adams County

Isabel Cruz, Jefferson County

Jo Acker, Adams County

Justine Sandoval, Denver County

Leora Joseph, Denver County

Leslie Twarogowski, Denver County

Madelyn Percy, Denver County

Mary Anciso-Chavez, Pueblo County

Melanie Kesner, Denver County

Olu’Kemi Akeju, Arapahoe County

Rebecca Zimmerman, Denver County

Shannon Hoffman, Denver County

Sol Sandoval, Pueblo County, candidate for Colorado Congressional District 3

Stacey Nell, Summit County

Susmita Saha, Broomfield County

Suzie Schuckman, Jefferson County

Taishya Adams, Boulder County

Wafa Saeed, Denver County

Wanda James, Denver County